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Happen enables users to sell tickets for live events and never lose money. The potential audience make it happen by purchasing advance tickets to attend the event. When the ticket Target is reached, the event goes ahead - it's that simple! Whatever the users passion, if they want to create an event, Happen saves them the risk of losing precious money and time by starting a campaign at inception stage. The audience support the campaign and the user knows how popular the event will be, ensuring its success. See how easy it is....

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What's Happening

Take a look at some amazing campaigns that have used Happen to hit their target!. These events are yet to take place so tickets and rewards are still available. If you're looking for something special, you could find the perfect event for you.

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Wish Campaigns

Wish Campaigns (purple badges) can be used to test an idea. It could be something you've always wanted to try out but perhaps you thought it was overly ambitious, beyond your reach or too niche. Whether you're an experienced promoter or new to events planning, Happen can help you make that new idea a reality! Here's how Wish Campaigns can help....

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Let Us Do The Work

If you don't feel you have the experience to make your campaign amazing or just want extra help and expertise, then we have over 15 years of event, marketing and copywriting experience. Read More........     Or email us here.

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Here are some hot of the press campaigns. Show your support early so they can gain the momentum they need to succeed and so you can attend. Click here to see more campaigns.

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Testing barcodes
By: Natalie Klaus
Russion Federation, Rostov
Barcodes should work
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Feeling inspired? Store up on good karma by supporting other campaigns even if you're not attending. Make a contribution to make it happen and your generosity might be returned when your own campaign is in its final countdown phase!

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